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iPhone 5 – The Truth Behind the Rumors


There have been rumors about the release of the iPhone 5 by the end of this year. But is there really a new generation of iPhones to expect? I know this is prolonging your agony, but let’s read through these iphone 5 rumors and see what the upcoming iPhone probably has to offer.

The Truth Behind Iphone 5 Rumors


We all know that there has been a major change in the iPhone’s design from the iPhone 3G and 3Gs to the iPhone 4 and 4s. Now, with the rumored release of the iPhone 5, a lot are basically expecting another major change in this smartphone’s design. A new and sleek design is said to be what will catch the buyers’ attention. If that is true, then the iphone 5 rumors might have been true. (Read about the Iphone and Blackberry comparison here)

Aside from its form and design, there had been claims that this to-be released iPhone would be bigger in size. IPhone 5 rumors also say that the new smart phones will have an even bigger screen size in order to match with the market’s tablet PC. There are also rumors that this smartphone will be using a new touch technology. There have also been reports about iPhone 5 coming with 4G capabilities.

iPhone 5 is said to be using a quad-processor although this feature is not at all new as it debuted early this year. It is also rumored to have a new micro-dock connector. The camera is also rumored to have a new back-illuminated sensor to improve functionality. Camera evolution, as what they call it, as this iPhone’s camera will be providing clearer and better quality pictures. The new camera features also allow the use of micro lenses. New depth-detection sensors which are essential in creating 3D images will also be used in the camera.


No one can still confirm the release of the newest iPhone, the iPhone 5, until the announcement of its release is done by the creators of the world’s best smartphones yet. Still, the iPhone 5 rumors are really making it much more exciting for casual readers. Are you also affected by the circulating iPhone 5 rumors? What’s your experience and what did you hear about them?

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