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How To Deal With A Wet Iphone?

wet iphone

Did you ever experience having a wet iphone?

The Apple iPhone is one of the most versatile and popular brand of smart phones that has ever been released. It can be used for multiple functions as well as having a design that is very sleek. However, there are certain instances that you cannot avoid where the unit may be dropped in some fluid. Before you panic, here are some tips you can use about the iPhone when it gets wet. Don’t fret too much if you have a wet iphone!

How To Deal With A Wet Iphone


Do not turn it on. One of the worst things you can do about the iPhone is to immediately turn it on after it has been soaked in fluid. Doing so will make the system go haywire and irreparably damage the system. Under no circumstances should you turn the unit on until certain precautionary measures have been taken.

Soak in dry rice. When you have a wet iphone, a method you can use to remove the fluid in it is to completely submerge the phone in dry rice. The dry rice is able to absorb moisture, which may be able to help about the iPhone. Leave the unit turned off in the rice for at least 24 hours before you attempt to turn it on.


Have it checked out. You do not have to replace your unit when it gets soaking wet. As long as it is completely dried up before you turn it on, there will be no permanent damage to a wet iphone. You can always have your unit be checked out and dried by a technician who specializes in smart phones. He will be able to take the unit apart and remove any moisture left in it.

The only time you need to worry about the iPhone getting wet is when you do not have any presence of mind and turn the unit on immediately. Once that happens, the biggest damage will usually be on the screen. Again, if you have a wet iphone, DO NOT TURN IT ON. You can try putting it in a container filled with silica gel and leave it there for one day to get rid of the moisture. Just get acquainted with the things to remember in handling your iPhone and I am sure that your iPhone will stand the test of time!


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