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About The iPhone

About The iPhone

About The iPhone

About The iPhone

There is a lot about the iPhone that has changed over the years. From its earlier versions different things have been altered. The features have been improved a lot. Version after version was released starting from 2007 and this year the iPhone4 or the version 4 was released. The following are more about the iPhone.

Things To Remember About The Iphone


One of the limitations of the earlier iPhones is that it was limited to one phone carrier: AT&T. For four years the AT&T Wireless was the provider of telecommunication service for the iPhone. However things have changed and this year Verizon and Apple have made a new agreement about the iPhone phone carrier, making the exclusive service of AT&T void. But because of the changing of phone carrier services those who have the earlier versions of iPhone cannot shift to another network without getting the specific iPhone version tied with the particular network.


Another feature about the iPhone is that the screen is immensely improved. Initially the option for the user to use stylus was offered. Gradually more features and command using the fingertips became more and more enhanced. Since a lot of the usual buttons from a phone were taken out, the space for a bigger screen became possible.

The special applications of the iPhone are one of the attractions or features that gets the attention of users. There are lots of applications specifically built for the iPhone made by other developers makes the user’s mobile experience a more widespread one.


The other privileged option of an iPhone user is the ability to track the phone in case it gets lost. It can be located by the use of a feature known as “Find My iPhone.” It gives the location of where the phone is. Other security options can be enabled so that the data stored in the iPhone cannot be easily taken out.

These are just few of the features about the iPhone. There are lots more that can be learned about it if you take your time to read user reviews and research about its capabilities which change constantly. Always get ahead of the pack because iPhone updates come every once in a while. Rumors about the latest iPhone are always rampant so don’t get left behind when it comes to the latest news about the iPhone!



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About The iPhone

About The iPhone and Its Features

About The iPhone

About The iPhone

Have you ever wanted to know about the iphone features?

To tell you the truth, iPhone is Apple’s product that is just like other phones or iPod.  The differences lie with its touch screen sensitivity and improved user experience. There are also a lot more other iPhone features like multi-touch screen, phone location, mp3 player and exclusive applications which make it a notch above the competition.

What Are The Best Iphone Features


Originally the iPhone was limited to AT&T phone carrier. But now iPhone support two types of wireless technology known as GSM and CDMA. The deal with AT&T about the iPhone being solely distributed with the AT&T services has ended. And now the iPhone has a deal with Verizon. In order to use GSM technology of Verizon, one has to buy the iPhone with having GSM technology and vice versa. As the years went on, the iPhone features have also drastically improved.

The first iPhone was developed in 2007 by Apple. It was known as iPhone 2G. It has a lot more space, easier web browsing and better because of the Wi-Fi Support to browse the Internet anywhere. After iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are also available now with having more iPhone features and with other enhancements to improve the data transfer, space, battery life and overall user experience. Everyone had a special interest to know about the iPhone 4, as it has more interesting features like video calling, High-definition video making & editing along with multi-tasking to switch among the running process like games and applications.


With all of these iPhone features, the smart phone also has some bad sides. Some of the bad features about the iPhone  are: being unable to replace the battery, its file manager lacks the feature of manipulating file objects on device, problem with emails in order to filter them or reading HTML and rich text document files, unable to cut and paste. Dealing with a wet iphone is also a hassle, but almost every smart phone suffers from this account, But people still love the iPhone technology because of its good features though it is the essence of 21st century technology. I hope you now know about the iPhone.


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About The iPhone

How To Deal With A Wet Iphone?

wet iphone

Did you ever experience having a wet iphone?

The Apple iPhone is one of the most versatile and popular brand of smart phones that has ever been released. It can be used for multiple functions as well as having a design that is very sleek. However, there are certain instances that you cannot avoid where the unit may be dropped in some fluid. Before you panic, here are some tips you can use about the iPhone when it gets wet. Don’t fret too much if you have a wet iphone!

How To Deal With A Wet Iphone


Do not turn it on. One of the worst things you can do about the iPhone is to immediately turn it on after it has been soaked in fluid. Doing so will make the system go haywire and irreparably damage the system. Under no circumstances should you turn the unit on until certain precautionary measures have been taken.

Soak in dry rice. When you have a wet iphone, a method you can use to remove the fluid in it is to completely submerge the phone in dry rice. The dry rice is able to absorb moisture, which may be able to help about the iPhone. Leave the unit turned off in the rice for at least 24 hours before you attempt to turn it on.


Have it checked out. You do not have to replace your unit when it gets soaking wet. As long as it is completely dried up before you turn it on, there will be no permanent damage to a wet iphone. You can always have your unit be checked out and dried by a technician who specializes in smart phones. He will be able to take the unit apart and remove any moisture left in it.

The only time you need to worry about the iPhone getting wet is when you do not have any presence of mind and turn the unit on immediately. Once that happens, the biggest damage will usually be on the screen. Again, if you have a wet iphone, DO NOT TURN IT ON. You can try putting it in a container filled with silica gel and leave it there for one day to get rid of the moisture. Just get acquainted with the things to remember in handling your iPhone and I am sure that your iPhone will stand the test of time!


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About The iPhone

What Makes The Iphone Special?

what makes iphone special

What makes iphone special?

In the event that you have been living under a rock for the past decade, then it is not your fault that you don’t know what the Iphone is. Want to know what makes iPhone special?

Created by the Apple Corporation, this smart phone is one of the most popular, if not the absolute best in the line of smart phones. If you are thinking about transitioning to the world of limitless possibilities by buying one of the latest models, here are some features about the iPhone (3GS and 4) that you can find really interesting.

What Makes Iphone Special?


Combination of phone and entertainment. One of the best things about the iPhone is that there is literally nothing you cannot do with it. What makes iPhone special is its ability to do multitasking and perform things that other smart phones can’t do. Besides being able to call and send text messages, you can use the IPhone for entertainment as well. Think of it as a combination of a smart phone and the iPod, rather than just being separate units. With the IPhone, you can listen to music and watch movies while you are enjoying your down time.

Applications. The IPhone can be installed with thousands of applications or “apps” that are available on the Internet for download. From road navigation to weather applications, one can install apps on the iPhone for any purpose and need. These applications are one of the reasons why this brand has become the household name it already is. Every day, hundreds of apps are being developed and released into the open market. This is another thing that adds up to what makes iPhone special.


To tell you the truth about the iPhone, it is one of the best investments you can ever make if you were to buy a smart phone for yourself. There are brands that try to imitate the formula of the IPhone, but they all fall short of the original one. It lasts a long time and it has a lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer of the phone. What makes the iPhone special is not only the brand name associated with it, but also the superior performance that it provides to smart phone lovers! If you want to know more about this slick smart phone, read more about the iphone’s Features here and decide for yourself!

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