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What’s there to Love or Hate About the iPhone


For iPhone users, there is definitely something about the iPhone that they must love or even hate. Though iPhone is one of the major breakthroughs in technology, no one can say that it is absolutely a perfect creation. But what makes iPhone one of the greatest gizmos of the century? Want to know the iPhone pros and cons? Let’s find out.

Iphone Pros And Cons


If you don’t have an iPhone yet and are planning to get one, you might want to read this article especially if you’re still having doubts about it. What you might find out about the iPhone may be the reason why you should or should not own this gadget.

The release of the first generation of iPhone has startled a lot of people. Coming from Apple, it definitely had a lot to offer. One of the greatest things about the iPhone that wowed the gizmos and gadgets generation was its design. This smartphone is so sleek yet it still looks elegant. What most people love about the design is its user interface. Being a touch screen mobile phone, doing tasks is at the touch of a fingertip. Opening an application as well as scrolling is made easy because the screen is sensitive and highly responsive. Still, there are a lot of iPhone pros and cons that has surfaced throughout the years.

Another thing that iPhone users love about the iPhone is the ease of downloading and installing applications. Applications such as games, music, videos, and a lot more can be easily downloaded and purchased through the iTunes AppStore. Here you can easily search for applications and download them right to your phone.


The 3G and WiFi features are also one of the most remarkable features about the iPhone. Any mobile phone user would definitely want internet connectivity at anytime. With the iPhone, it is like having your own personal computer right in your pocket. One of the iPhone pros and cons though is that it sometimes suffer from connectivity problems. This has been fixed in the subsequent releases and today it is not too much of a significant factor.

While many of us can give a lot of things to love about the iPhone, the best judge of this is still you.

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